Mini-Episode - Hangin’ With My (Michael) Bae

August 10, 2017

A mere week after tackling Bad Boys II, Nathan & Brendan open up the mailbag this week for all of your Michael Bay-centric questions (save for one). Does Michael Bay truly care about making films even to this day? What kind of Trailer Park Boys-inspired beverage does he bring to mind? And why is casual racism one of his worst hallmarks? All this and more plus a very special appearance by someone who is very well-endowed.

The guys also reveal their next film in the Summer Flopbuster/Lackluster/Schlockbuster/whatever you want to call it series which includes more stuff blowing up and soldiers. Yee-haw!

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PS: Any questions we didn't get to this time WILL be answered on the next Mailbag.

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