What Were They Thinking?

Bad Boys II

August 3, 2017

It's about damn time as Nathan & Brendan finally enter the Michael Bay-niverse to talk about the sequel to arguably one of his better earlier works - Bad Boys II.

This one, however, is anything but the original. Explosions? Check. Will Smith saying the N-word over and over again? Check. Joey Pants attempting to overact more than Gary Oldman in "Criminal"? Check.

The guys discuss everything from the charisma of Smith and Lawrence constantly trying to overpower the god-awful script, the strange appearance by Michael Shannon (we all gotta start somewhere), Matt Walsh possibly acting as a corpse, the worst undercover agent of all-time and of course - cats and iguanas. Somebody PLEASE figure out... cats and iguanas.

Also: listen in for a clue in this episode regarding the next great film that will be covered.

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