What Were They Thinking?

Mini-Episode - FACT, Not Opinion

November 16, 2017

In this mini-episode, Nathan grills Brendan for not liking a certain horror flick which leads into a brief discussion about the latter's #31DaysOfHorror experiment, the guys briefly discuss the next Star Wars film, they analyze a crazy tagline on "The Human Centipede" DVD cover and much more.

Brendan also debuts a new Review Roundup segment where he talks recent films that he saw in theatres - Only the Brave, the Snowman, Jigsaw, Suburbicon, Thor Ragnarok and Bad Moms Christmas are discussed.

Montrose Monkington III is back as well and has all the skinny on a 2011 British flick called "Attack the Block."

And finally, the guys reveal the next film they'll be covering from the world of Image Comics.

IN 2 WEEKS: The mailbag returns.

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