What Were They Thinking?

Showgirls (w/Everything I Learned from Movies)

April 19, 2018

This podcast just got a whole lot sexier!

Nathan and Brendan welcome returning guests Steve & Izzy from the "Everything I Learned from Movies" podcast to talk about Paul Verhoeven's insane exposé of Las Vegas in the classic film, "Showgirls." They discuss everything including Elizabeth Berkley's breathtakingly awful acting choices coupled with her character's severe behavioural problems, some of the worst dialogue ever written for the silver screen, two different kinds of Elvises, strip club comedians and so much more. Plus: Does "Showgirls" pass the Bechtel Test? The answer may surprise you!

Also: no clue this week because Listeners Choice Month is coming up in May! The first drawing will take place Tuesday, May 1st on our Twitter account!

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