What Were They Thinking?

Listeners Choice: A Sound of Thunder (w/Robyn Paris of “The Room”)

May 17, 2018

"More like A Sound of Blunder, amirite?" - Nathan

Yes, the third item on tap for Listeners Choice was the time-traveling epic, "A Sound of Thunder" as requested by Jarrett of the Sci Fi Double Feature Drive In Podcast (https://scifidoublefeaturedrivein.com/). Thankfully, noted Ray Bradbury fan and star of "The Room," Robyn Paris, was able to help the guys make it through this absolute mess of a science-fiction disaster. They talk about everything including all the women desiring Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley's insane haircut/wig, some of the worst time travel logic ever devised for a film, baboonasaurs and much, much more. Plus: Ray Bradbury hated Renny Harlin, apparently. So there's that.

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