What Were They Thinking?

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (Livestream for the Cure)

June 28, 2018

Avengers: The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History.

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue: Hold my beer... and crack.

In a very special episode, Nathan and Brendan discuss the PSA short "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" as part of this year's "Livestream 4 the Cure" hosted by the amazing Epic Film Guys podcast. The guys talk about the drugged-out introduction from the POTUS, muffins as drug paraphernalia, Kermit living a hell-ish existence as an alarm clock and much more. Plus: what cartoon characters would star in a modern reboot of the short?

Next week: Back to regular episodes as Nathan and Brendan discuss "Snake Eyes."

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