What Were They Thinking?

Suicide Squad (w/Joshua Kotsabasakis)

July 19, 2018

They made this movie... and they call US the BAD GUYS?!

Nathan and Brendan welcome back frequent guest and comic book aficionado Joshua Kotsabasakis to discuss 2016's summer hit, "Suicide Squad." The discussion covers everything including the obnoxious soundtrack, multiple introductions for the same characters, the least interesting romance of all-time, Jared Leto as a pimp, CGI overload and SO much more. Plus: Josh tells our hosts about some real behind-the-scenes drama regarding the film including one castmember that may or may not have been... difficult.

Also: Brendan totally forgot to drop a clue for the next movie so you'll have to wait til next week to find out! Surprise.

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