What Were They Thinking?

Next of Kin (w/Andy Hamilton)

September 5, 2019

Swayze is back on the podcast and this time... he is kinda sorta doing an accent.


Back to theatrical releases! This week, Nathan and Brendan welcome first-time guest Andy Hamilton onto the show to talk about a wild Patrick Swayze-led film - Next of Kin, a movie which may set a record for the largest amount of insane accents of all-time. From Liam Neeson as a COWBOY (yes, that is correct) to little Ben Stiller not even attempting an Italian accent, this film also features things like fiddle seduction, terrible one-liners and Marinara Smoke Bombs. To find out more, listen in as the guys break down this late-80s action opus.


Next week: The 3rd Annual Manos Hand-Outs! Awards/Demerits for the films that have been covered in Year 3 of the podcast!


Catch Andy in pro wrestling action as Pat Perswayze rolls into Sussex, New Brunswick with the NWE on Saturday, September 14th!


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