Episode 19 - Viewers Choice #4: Rollerball (w/Jerika Layne)

April 27, 2017

The director of Die Hard took a hard slide and remade a cult classic. The original was about the proliferation of violence in sports and media in general. The re-make was about 90 minutes that we're never getting back. It's a movie where we're supposed to believe that 'dead behind the eyes' Chris "channeling my best Keanu impression" Klein is the same age as Ladies Love Cool James... and it just goes downhill from there. Join Nathan and Brendan as they suffer through this early 2000s debacle with our resident extreme sports expert Jerika Layne. If it gets to be too much for you, just remind yourself to keep a Rollerball head and you'll be Rollerball in the end.


Episode 18 - Viewer’s Choice #3: Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (w/Joshua Kotsabasakis)

April 20, 2017

Introducing the movie that nearly broke us.   It's a movie where one of the most respected Marvel characters, known for his sly wit, military know-how and serious demeanour is portrayed as a one-liner spewing, guns blasting, pervy two dimensional caricature.  It's a movie so ridiculous that it made us pine for the time we watched JD Salinger's kid as Captain America.  This is us suffering for you, our listeners.  If you listen close enough you can hear all three of us slowly dying just a little bit inside as we progress through the unpacking of this movie.


Episode 17 - Viewer’s Choice #2: Monkeybone

April 14, 2017

This movie is an example of how something can look so great on paper but ends up being SO bad when put onto film.  A prime example of what can happen when a fantastic director is undone by studio meddling.  But, hey at least you get naked Dave Foley and Rose Mc-Meow-an.  Nathan and Brendan spend an hour and a half talking about Monkeybone... no, not like that... well... sort of.


Episode 16 - Viewer’s Choice #1: Garbage Pail Kids

April 13, 2017

Do you ever remember seeing a movie as a kid and have fond memories about how much you loved that movie and laughed so hard at it?  Then watched it 30 years later and had every great memory stripped away by how stunningly inept and awful it was?  That's Garbage Pail Kids.  Nathan and Brendan stepped into the world of a shameless cash-in mixed with hackneyed, lazy gross out comedy.  It's not the worst movie we've ever watched, but it's pretty close.


Episode 15 - Ready to Rumble (w/Ryan Gilbert)

April 12, 2017

Sorry for the lateness, but think of this as a last minute kickout.  Come along with Nathan, Brendan and special guest Ryan Gilbert as we examine the late 90's wrestling opus that is "Ready To Rumble."  WRESTLING'S NOT FAAAKE!


Episode 14 - Wrestlemania XI (w/Jason MacLeod)

April 11, 2017

Wrestlemania is considered the showcase of the immortals & the grandest stage of them all... this Wrestlemania did not get the memos on EITHER of those.  It's one of the shortest, lacklustre and underwhelming Wrestlemanias of all time.  Join Nathan, Brendan & special guest Jason as they unpack what is widely considered the least spectacular greatest spectacle in sports entertainment.


Episode 13 - American Ninja

April 10, 2017

Ever wanted to know what it was like if The Karate Kid grew up to become Rambo?  Wonder no more as Nathan and Brendan tackle the cinematic classic known as "American Ninja."


Episode 12 - Captain America (w/Joshua Kotsabasakis)

April 9, 2017

It's like someone heard someone tell someone else the general gist of Captain America.  Then they (the original someone) decided to make a movie out of that with J.D Salinger's kid and Ronnie Cox.  Join Nathan and Brendan along with special guest Josh Kotsabasakis as they watch one of the most dreadful Marvel movies ever made.


Episode 11 - Criminal

April 8, 2017

You'd trade Ryan Reynolds for Kevin Costner, right?  That's seems like a fair trade.  Find out the answer to this and the question: what would happen if Johnathan Kent had the memories of The Green Lantern implanted in his head by Two Face and Commissioner Gordon so he could fight cyber-terrorism with the help of Wonder Woman?  The DC universe will never be the same after Brendan and Nathan unpack the movie that is "Criminal"... not just in title alone.


Episode 10 - Nine Lives

April 7, 2017

This movie is what happens when a WHOLE lot of people with a WHOLE lot of talent decide that they'd rather get paid a WHOLE lot of money rather than say "no, I want to make a quality movie."  Nathan and Brendan watched "Nine Lives" so you never have to.